Showered and bathed by local Colombian women

We went to El Totumo volcano and did a mud bath which is great to revitalize and exfoliate your skin... After that we were showered and bathed by local Colombian women. You're not allowed to refuse, you don't choose it, it just happens to you! haha!

If you visit Cartagena, contact Cartagena Tour Guides by Martin Rosales and he will bring you to this place! I will upload photos in a bit! <3


Hello guys! It's our First Webinar Series on our FB Page about SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL LIFESTYLE and some FAQ Questions about our life! HA!

Come join me and feel free to share/tag your friends! Comment below from where you are and your questions! For replay viewers, it's unexpectedly a long video so feel free to fast forward to some parts that interest you! πŸ˜¬

Today's topics:

* Long Term Traveler vs Expats vs OFW vs Short Holiday Tourists
* Common Traveler Misconceptions
* How can I become a backpacker? Read the 50 Tips to Travel Cheaply article!
* How much money do you need to start a Long-Term Travel Lifestyle
* How to find FREE Volunteering opportunities? (NEVER PAY those EXORBITANT FEES!)
* How can I become a travel blogger? How can I earn money from travel blogging? Read our article!

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Our wedding in Las Vegas

Something unexpected is about to happen!

Say hello! πŸ˜

PS As you know, Jonathan and I keep changing plans.. I think traveling the world has made us extremely spontaneous. haha! But family and friends, our real wedding is this July in the UK (maybe we'll get married in every country we go to! haha) See you!! πŸ˜

How to find Elvis in Las Vegas? Go to Graceland Wedding Chapel πŸ˜

The Real Struggle of a Filipina

Some Filipinos have the mentality that dating or being married to a white man will make your life easier..sadly, Jonathan didn't save me from the farm! (Kidding!! πŸ€—πŸ€—)

You have to work hard!! HAHAHA

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(This video is just for fun, we're about to re-launch our youtube channel!)

Video credits to Kalon Baird while filming in Visit Santa Barbara πŸ’‹

Journey to 50 in South America

#ItsNevertooLate: My mom’s journey traveling around South America before turning 50 years old (next year!)

My mom has been working her whole life and is just starting to enjoy her life to the fullest! My mom made me a world traveler by raising me so well, now it’s my time to show her how to get out of her shell!! 3 days ago, she joined me and Jonathan to start traveling for 2 months around South America (Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia), yesterday we were able to tick some stuff off her #bucketlist - visiting the Christ the Redeemer (all arranged by and today she was able to conquer her FEAR OF HEIGHTS! She survived and enjoyed her first ever HANG GLIDING experience, in Rio de Janeiro with Fabio, the guy behind Hang Gliding Rio de Janeiro#Brazil!! I’m so proud of my mother!!! <3

A definitely must do, please share and inspire other Mothers on their 50s (and above) out there! #dreamsdocometrue

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Determination beats FEAR esp if you've set your goal!❀️

Have you seen a Filipina Penguin? It was negative degree celcius earlier and really windy but I told myself I won't leave Antarctica until I do this - swimming in the ice cold water with glaciers and penguins!

Jonathan did it before me 3 days ago, you can watch his video here.

Will you dare do this? Please watch in HD! so the video quality is better! β€οΈ

(I couldn't stay longer because they said I could die from Hypothermia! It was just a fun experience to do and I don't know when I will return to Antarctica again! Really thankful as well to the Expedition team of Hurtigruten for making sure I'll be safe! Here's the Unedited & behind the scene! Watch until the end and you'll see why I married this guy, Mr. Howe! hahaha)

Hurtigruten #Hurtigruten #WeExplore #BucketList

#AskMrsHowe: 5 Tips to Sustainable Travel Lifestyle

What's up, guys! Say hello and where you're from?

I will be talking about my Sustainable travel lifestyle and how we made it happen in the last 3 years, from monkey backpackers to luxury travelers! β€

P.S. At the end of this show, I will be giving away postcards from our trip to Antarctica (16-day trip starting tomorrow) and announcing the 360-degree camera giveaway!

Mr and Mrs Howe in Cebu, Philippines

Ha! This is our CEBU trip video by the awesome guys behind Lit Digital Solutions! We did a lot of adventure activities in one day before our reader's meet up and the next day we visited the North Island Sandbar with our new friends! Can't wait to visit the Philippines again! =)

Watch out and contact our friends over at Serena Watersports when you go to this beautiful city! Enjoy the video! =)

Music: Wake up where you are by State of Sound