Disclaimer & Refund Policy


No Guarantee:

Purchasing one or all of these Premium Visa Application Packs in no way guarantees that you will be granted a visa. We have no responsibility nor influence over the decision of any consul or visa processing agency. 

Any sample materials in these packs - including sample letters, itineraries and interview questions and answers - are provided in order to guide you in creating your own application in your own words, according to your own circumstances. Under no circumstances should you simply copy these materials and submit them with your application. Aside from being dishonest, you will simply not be successful in attaining a visa in that way! 

No Refund Policy:

We have made very clear what the contents of all of the Premium Visa Application Packs are and what the intended uses are of the materials contained therein, so you have all the information required to make a decision whether or not to purchase before actually making any payment. 

The Premium Visa Application Packs are digital products, unlike a physical product that can be purchased in a store. Therefore it is not something that can be returned, as once you have purchased and downloaded it, you have it forever, copied onto your computer or other device, to use when you wish. For this reason, once purchased they cannot be refunded. 

By purchasing any one, or all, of the Premium Visa Application Packs you agree that you have carefully reviewed the list of materials that will be received upon purchase. By purchasing any one or all of the visa packs you accept there are no refunds if you simply decide that you no longer wish to apply for a visa, if you say that you will not use them, or if you decide that you just don’t like them. 

Please be very careful when selecting the correct Visa Application Pack for the country for which you wish to apply for a visa. Again, there are no refunds for reasons of “purchasing the ‘wrong’ pack” as they cannot be returned. 

The only situation in which we are able to return money paid for a Visa Application Pack, is if someone (somehow) accidentally paid twice for the same Visa Application Pack. In this situation this would only apply if the person who has accidentally paid a second time for the same products is exactly the same person who paid correctly the first time. 

E.g. If John Edgar Smith accidentally made a double payment of $60 USD for a USA Visa Pack, then we would be able to return $30 USD to John Edgar Smith. 

Fair and Honest Use:

These Visa Application Packs have been created based on our many personal experiences of visa applications and upon the experiences of guiding many one-on-one visa coaching clients through the process of applying for a visa. All efforts have been taken to make the Visa Application Packs as relevant as possible to as many people as possible, but obviously we cannot create one pack with enough examples and templates to cover all possible situations, circumstances and histories. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the applicant to use the information, advice and materials we have provided to apply them to their own personal circumstances, in their own visa application(s).

The Premium Visa Application Packs have be produced for the intended purpose of providing guidance and advice on how to apply for a visa. These Visa Application Packs must only be used for their intended purpose in total compliance with each countries visa application rules and processes and in accordance with the immigration laws and regulations of each country or state as relevant. 

The personal and online entities of - Katrina Howe, Jonathan Howe, Two Monkeys Travel Group, MrandMrsHowe.com - take no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the misuse of these materials by any party, nor for the creation / submission of any type of false or altered information or documents (including, but not limited to - personal, financial, legal, criminal, governmental, official identification), in any visa application or in fact any other circumstance, regardless of the reason or motivation. 

We wholeheartedly condemn any dishonest or illegal practice in an attempt to attain a visa for any country or state and we urge all visa applicants to submit only true and honest information and documentation when applying for any visa. 


The copyright of these materials belongs solely to Katrina Howe and Jonathan Howe, who are the sole owners of MrandMrsHowe.com and twomonkeystravelgroup.com - no redistribution, republication or resale is permitted. 

We do not condone false information or false documentation being used in any kind in visa applications.


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