Journey to 50 in South America

#ItsNevertooLate: My mom’s journey traveling around South America before turning 50 years old (next year!)

My mom has been working her whole life and is just starting to enjoy her life to the fullest! My mom made me a world traveler by raising me so well, now it’s my time to show her how to get out of her shell!! 3 days ago, she joined me and Jonathan to start traveling for 2 months around South America (Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia), yesterday we were able to tick some stuff off her #bucketlist - visiting the Christ the Redeemer (all arranged by and today she was able to conquer her FEAR OF HEIGHTS! She survived and enjoyed her first ever HANG GLIDING experience, in Rio de Janeiro with Fabio, the guy behind Hang Gliding Rio de Janeiro#Brazil!! I’m so proud of my mother!!! <3

A definitely must do, please share and inspire other Mothers on their 50s (and above) out there! #dreamsdocometrue

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