The Visa Application Packs are a digital product. Please review the list of included materials below before making payment. Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions and a link to download the Premium Visa Application Pack.

DESCRIPTION: I have personally had two Schengen Visas (1 month & 1 year both MULTIPLE entry), which are said to be one of the most difficult to get, but much of that is due to the process and application requirements involved. The Premium Schengen Visa Application Pack addresses every aspect of the application process, from start to finish. I will personally guide you through the lengthy application form with the video + audio guide, teach you how to write great cover letters and invitation letters, and give you everything you need to ensure that you don’t miss any important details that could jeopardize your application!

  1. <Video + Audio>  Watch Kach guide you step-by-step through the entire Schengen Visa application form!

  2. Schengen Visa Form (PDF)

  3. Quick Step by Step Guide on How to Apply, the Visa Fee and the process

  4. Checklist of Requirements

  5. Sample Cover Letter from applicant to the Consul (PDF) 

  6. Cover Letter Template Guide on How You Can Personalize Yours (Word Doc)

  7. Sample invitation letter from a sponsor to the applicant  (PDF)

  8. Invitation Letter Template (Word Doc)

  9. Sample travel itinerary (PDF)

  10. Travel Itinerary Template (Word Doc)

  11. CHECK LIST of Supporting documents organized based on your situation - unemployed, self-employed, student, public official or private employee

  12. (SAVE TIME!) Directory of hotels with free cancellation or with no up front fees for reservation per popular cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, and a lot more!

  13. Directory of travel insurance providers (in the Philippines + Worldwide) that’s accredited for Schengen (PDF)

  14. Note on the Reason for Denial and What You Can Do about it!

  15. Sample Remonstrance Letter (PDF)

  16. Template Remonstrance Letter (Word Doc)

  17. Directory of all Embassies/ Consulates & Visa Processing Agencies in the Philippines for Schengen Visa (PDF)

  18. Frequently Asked Questions 

    …and more surprise BONUSES!

NOTE - The Visa Application Packs are non-refundable. Please read our Refund Policy and Disclaimer Page for full details before making your purchase.