The Visa Application Packs are a digital product. Please review the list of included materials below before making payment. Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions and a link to download the Premium Visa Application Pack.

DESCRIPTION: The Premium Canada Visa Application Pack shows you exactly what you need to submit and how to ensure the best chance of success in your visa application. We also recognize that every person, and therefore every visa application, is very different. That’s why every part of the pack, from the video+audio guide, to the cover letter templates, to the documents checklist, cover a range of personal situations and requirements so that you can apply the correct methods to your application. 

  1. <Video + Audio>  Watch Kach guide you step-by-step through the entire Canada Visa application form and how apply online!

  2. Canada Visa Form IMM 5257 (PDF)

  3. Quick Step by Step Guide on How to Apply, the Visa Fee and the process

  4. Checklist of Requirements

  5. Sample Cover Letter from applicant to the Consul (PDF) 

  6. Cover Letter Template Guide on How You Can Personalize Yours (Word Doc)

  7. Sample invitation letter from a sponsor to the applicant  (PDF)

  8. Invitation Letter Template (Word Doc)

  9. Sample travel itinerary (PDF)

  10. Travel Itinerary Template (Word Doc)

  11. Frequently Asked Questions 

    and a lot more surprise BONUSES!!!

NOTE - The Visa Application Packs are non-refundable. Please read our Refund Policy and Disclaimer Page for full details before making your purchase.