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10 of the World's Most Visited Countries and How Filipinos Can Apply for the Visa

The first time I thought about this topic, the country that first came to in my mind is France because never have I ever met anyone who didn’t want to see the famous Eiffel Tower. True enough, as per the data released by World Atlas last 2017, France was number 1 and alongside the list were Thailand, Spain, and the United States.

These countries are visited for a reason-- it could be because of their food, landscape, architecture, festivals, and whatnot.

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Life On The Road Day 6: Lunch at Texas De Brazil with our friend

I organized for us to eat at Texas de Brazil which I think is the largest Brazillian- American food chain/ Churrascarria restaurant and they had their first branch 20 years ago while they have their branch here in San Juan 8 years ago.. basically it's unlimited grilled meat (Brazillian style!!) served by gauchos and a massive salad bar! You should only go here when you're prepared to eat!! haha!

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