Sailing Life Day 338: Fun Weekend in Ponce, Puerto Rico

This weekend has been so much fun.. some sailors would usually skip Ponce because it's just a big city.. actually the second largest city in Puerto Rico!

During our previous travels, we'd usually go to a less popular destination and big cities because there's a LOT of things to do esp if you know local people 😍

We got lucky because during my solo trip to the Caja de Muertos Island.. I met two guys who brought me to the mall and PandaExpress and they invited me again and Jonathan for a saturday night life!

We went to play bowling for few hours which was super fun.. then we went to a local pub and they taught us how to play dominoes while drinking 😂😂 Then they brought us to a popular gay club to party and watch a "drag show performance" but it would start at 2am so we just played billiards and have some tequila shots! Our last big party was New Year's Eve and going to these places with our local friends has been super fun! Even Jonathan was laughing all night 🤟

The best thing as well is that our friends, Alberto and Orlando (together with their friends who we've met for the first time - David and Robert) gave us a souvenir gift from Puerto Rico - a Dominoes set!! 😜 I want to be a pro playing this 😂

Alberto is also a very good artist and he gave us a painting of the harbour here in Ponce, Puerto Rico which he specially made for us!!

Always grateful to the people we meet while traveling and met so many awesome Puerto Ricans!! 😍Thank you!!

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