We are the Travel Bloggers behind Two Monkeys Travel Group but I decided to start my new personal blog to document my newly married life.

What is Mr & Mrs Howe all about?

I have had so many fears throughout my life, which is why I quit everything for the life of the unknown until I met a guy who is full of dreams and eventually became my husband! Having met in a backpackers' bar in Luang Prabang in 2013, we've been traveling the world together through more than 60 countries and (soon to be) every continent, including Antarctica! Having travelled the world and lived a life of freedom and excitement for more than three years, we finally got married in July 2016 and now we're looking to the future. I never would have guessed that after several years of nomadic life, I'm finally ready to start thinking about finding a home, settling down, even learning how to do things around the home!

My husband has helped me overcome a lot of fears, from my fear of dogs, motorbikes, steep steps, hiking, heights and a lot more! Since we got married in July 2016, I keep flashing to the old me and I’ve been feeling the urge to learn a lot of new things from putting make up on, to cooking and even learning some DIY for the home! I’ve been more keen to pursue being healthy again; I gained almost 20 kilos in less than 2 years, so I want to document my weight loss, health and fitness journey. Also, I know that one of the biggest questions people have for me, as well as for other bloggers and vloggers, is how much money they earn online and how they are able to make it happen. I will be talking about personal finance and our online income from Mr & Mrs Howe and publishing a monthly income report so you can see how much we earn and learn to make it work for you too.

My husband hates being in front of the camera and anything that involves social media but he’s a hilarious guy and I want to keep all of these happy memories and videos together for our future family… thus I’m starting our new lifestyle vlog and youtube channel - Mr and Mrs Howe.

Our Love Story

We had both started out on the same path before we ever knew each other existed. We both decided to leave the nine-to-five career lifestyle, sell off our possessions and travel the world. Our paths first crossed in the small, historic town of Luang Prabang in Laos. I (Jonathan) was on a budget motorbike trip around Asia, while Kach was backpacking with her brother and sister. We spent a lot of time together for a couple of days, visiting waterfalls and exploring the countryside on my motorbike, but then it was time to continue on our separate ways. Kach travelled on with her brother and sister for another month, before starting a month-long yoga retreat in Thailand and I travelled on to Hanoi, Vietnam to look for work teaching English. We kept in touch online, talking every day and I convinced her to come visit me in Hanoi for two weeks. Well, two weeks came and went and we’ve been together ever since! After seven months of teaching English to save money, we flew to India, where we studied to become yoga teachers and Ayurveda massage therapists. 

Since then, we’ve travelled all over South East AsiaIndia, the Maldives, the UK, the United StatesSouth America and Central America(Before long term travel, Jonathan grew up in Kenya and Malawi and travelled to almost 20 countries with his family and friends while Kach had already visited over 15 countries in the Middle East and other parts of Asia)

Press Feature

Positive vibes everyone!

Positive vibes everyone!